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The Wire Science: How Do You Catch Mistakes in a Clinical Trial? An Ethics Expert Explains. (Read here)

Suno India (podcast): Why ethics committees are key to good clinical trials (listen here)

Hakai Magazine: A tour of unloved fishes (Read here)

The Print: India’s cancer problem — not enough clinical trials and lack of access to those being done (Read here)

BMJ: The mystery of India’s missing clinical trial results (Read here or email for a copy)

The Wire Science: Serum Institute Fracas Exposes Loose Ends of India’s Clinical Trial Machinery. (Read here)

Science Magazine: India needs more transparency in its COVID-19 vaccine trials, critics say (Read here)

The Wire Science: A Good Registry Means Accountable Clinical Trials. But Does India Have One? (Read here)

The Wire Science: The Surprisingly Difficult Task of Measuring Sea-Level Rise Around India (Read here)

Undark Magazine: In India, Modern Development Puts Prehistoric Sites at Risk (Read here)

Verve Magazine: Start from Scratch. The science of sourdough bread. (Read here)

Verve Magazine: Along for the Ride. Navigating Indian cities as an urban female cyclist (Read here)

Mongabay: Mystery ailments, asymptomatic individuals: Spotlight on monkeypox in chimps. (Read here)

Mongabay: Will fish boom amid pandemic-driven fishing bust? (Read here)

Mongabay: Video explainer series. (Script+voiceover)

  • How do roads affect biodiversity in forests? (See video here)
  • Is ecotourism better for the environment? (See video here)
  • How the Allee Effect hurts endangered populations (See video here)
  • What is zoochory? (See video here)
  • What is bycatch? (See video here)

Mongabay: Conservation Effectiveness Series

  • Does forest certification really work? (Read here)
  • Does community-based forest management work in the tropics? (Read here)
  • Experience or evidence: How do big conservation NGOs make decisions? (Read here)
  • Do protected areas work in the tropics? (Read here)
  • The ups and downs of marine protected areas: Examining the evidence (Read here)

Mongabay: Four-part series on the indigenous groups living around Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh, India

  • From a new bird to a new community reserve: India’s tribe sets example (Read here)
  • Bird business: The man who taught his tribe to profit from conservation (Read here)
  • Two Indian tribes help reconstruct a forest’s history, in war and in peace (Read here)
  • In India, indigenous youths are filming their own forests and communities (Read here)

BBC Earth: Why do women have periods when most animals don’t? (Read here)

BBC Earth: Why did some animals evolve milk and breastfeeding? (Read here)

BBC Earth: Can any animals talk like humans? (Read here)

BBC Earth: Why the source of the Amazon River remains a mystery (Read here)