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The Wire Science: How Do You Catch Mistakes in a Clinical Trial? An Ethics Expert Explains. (Read here)

Hakai Magazine: A tour of unloved fishes (Read here)

The Print: India’s cancer problem — not enough clinical trials and lack of access to those being done (Read here)

BMJ: The mystery of India’s missing clinical trial results (Read here or email for a copy)

The Wire Science: Serum Institute Fracas Exposes Loose Ends of India’s Clinical Trial Machinery. (Read here)

Science Magazine: India needs more transparency in its COVID-19 vaccine trials, critics say (Read here)

The Wire Science: A Good Registry Means Accountable Clinical Trials. But Does India Have One? (Read here)

The Wire Science: The Surprisingly Difficult Task of Measuring Sea-Level Rise Around India (Read here)

Undark Magazine: In India, Modern Development Puts Prehistoric Sites at Risk (Read here)

Verve Magazine: Start from Scratch. The science of sourdough bread. (Read here)

Verve Magazine: Along for the Ride. Navigating Indian cities as an urban female cyclist (Read here)

Verve Magazine: How Sonchiriya was shot amidst Chambal’s complex terrain (Read here)

Mongabay: Mystery ailments, asymptomatic individuals: Spotlight on monkeypox in chimps. (Read here)

Mongabay: Will fish boom amid pandemic-driven fishing bust? (Read here)

Mongabay: Conservation Effectiveness Series

  • Does forest certification really work? (Read here)
  • Does community-based forest management work in the tropics? (Read here)
  • Experience or evidence: How do big conservation NGOs make decisions? (Read here)
  • Do protected areas work in the tropics? (Read here)
  • The ups and downs of marine protected areas: Examining the evidence (Read here)

Mongabay: Four-part series on the indigenous groups living around Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh, India

  • From a new bird to a new community reserve: India’s tribe sets example (Read here)
  • Bird business: The man who taught his tribe to profit from conservation (Read here)
  • Two Indian tribes help reconstruct a forest’s history, in war and in peace (Read here)
  • In India, indigenous youths are filming their own forests and communities (Read here)

BBC Earth

(BBC has taken down a lot of its older online content, which includes all of my stories, so here are links to the cached pages of some of my stories)

Why do women have periods when most animals don’t? (Read here)

Why did some animals evolve milk and breastfeeding? (Read here)

Can any animals talk like humans? (Read here)

Why the source of the Amazon River remains a mystery (Read here)

Many animals can become mentally ill (Read here)