Multimedia work

Independent podcast:

Imagined Tomorrow: A narrative podcast that imagines futures for India through the lens of science and technology. Listen here:


Freelance work:

Suno India (podcast): Why ethics committees are key to good clinical trials (listen here)

Mongabay: Video explainer series. (Research+script+voiceover)

  • How do roads affect biodiversity in forests? (See video here)
  • Is ecotourism better for the environment? (See video here)
  • How the Allee Effect hurts endangered populations (See video here)
  • What is zoochory? (See video here)
  • What is bycatch? (See video here)
  • How does noise pollution in the ocean threaten wildlife? (See video here)
  • Are we running out of freshwater? (See video here)
  • How did the world fix the ozone depletion problem? (See video here)