Stories from the Global Forest Reporting Network

First-of-its-kind mapping technique sheds new light on tropical forests

Proposed border checkpoint and road threaten critical Cambodian forest and wildlife

China’s investment in Latin America taking toll on the environment, setting the stage for conflict

Recently discovered ‘punkrocker’ frog changes skin texture in minutes

Mexico’s club mosses at risk of extinction

Madagascar’s frog haven: rich, underexplored, threatened

New report: commercial agricultural expansion fueling illegal logging and land conflicts in Myanmar

Pulpwood company may be denying Sumatran community rights to their land

Puerto Rico’s only native toad bounces back from edge of extinction

Relief for Kenya’s rare coastal forest

Saving Myanmar’s red pandas by protecting land, educating people

Scientists capture first-ever footage of wild red pandas in Myanmar 

India plans huge palm oil expansion, puts forests at risk

The largest biosphere reserve in Southeast Asia: Vietnam’s success story or a conservation failure? PART I and PART II

Nothing else left to log: are eco-certified timber companies stripping Russia of its last old growth forests?

Conservation controversy: are bonobos protected in the right ways and in the right places?

Surrounded by deforestation, critically endangered gorillas hang on by a thread

Other stories 

Photos: periodic closure of fishing grounds boosts octopuses and helps coastal communities

‘Green’ hydropower dam fuels charges of gross human rights violations

Could big data turn us into ocean protectors instead of abusers?

Sundarbans still reeling from effects of December oil spill

Camera traps capture rare footage of wild bonobos (video)

Rediscovered in 2010, rare Indian frog surprises by breeding in bamboo 

Genetic sleuthing reveals grisly details of historic whale hunting

When cute turns deadly – the story of a wildlife biologist who was bit by a venomous slow loris, and lived to tell the tale

Did the world’s only venomous primate evolve to mimic the cobra?

Conservationists use social media to take on Peru’s booming illegal wildlife trade

Elephants under the sea: awkward-looking fish modify the coral-reef ecosystem in mixed ways

Using Google Earth to protect uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest

Ever heard of the hirola? New survey shows world’s rarest antelope holding steady

New species has its anus behind its head

Epidemic of elephant calf kidnapping hits Sri Lanka, say conservationists

Scientists release odd-looking, Critically Endangered crocodiles back into the wild (PHOTOS)

The Harry Potter wasp: public votes to name new species after soul-sucking ghouls

Bambi in the 21st Century: roe deer not adapting to climate change

Saudi Prince kills two percent of global population of endangered bird

India plans new railway through protected areas, threatens already-imperiled wildlife

Will tigers march ahead? Scientists find surprising connections between isolated populations in Central India

Curious bears take ‘selfies’ with camera traps

A bird’s eye view of hornbills in northeast India

Where have all the dugongs gone?

The swan song of India’s dancing bears

Newly discovered beetles construct private homes out of leaf holes and feces

No place like home: scientists discover that male crested penguins head home earlier than females

India moves rapidly to protect Amur falcons from mass-hunting

Whale shark mapping: scientists uncover global distribution for the largest fish in the world

Overpopulation and grazing imperils nomadic lifestyle and wildlife in Ladakh

First of its kind rescue and release for sloth bear in India

Jumbo problems for the Indian railways